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     Do not get lost in the Internet looking for an information about the Havanese, please find a list of usefull links:

     "Wikipedia" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Havanese

     "Havanese Club of America" http://www.havanese.org/

     Here you can compare different dog breeds - http://www.dogbreedslist.info/all-dog-breeds/Havanese.html (by the way - in a case you are not shure about a breed you need for, then please pay attention to the breed's purpose, because say instead of a lapdog you may get a similar looking... hunt dog or so with no way to change it's characteristics/behavior selected down the ages)

     An open freewill pedigree database with entries of tenths of thousands Havanese with a possibility to match braces http://havanesegallery.hu/index_en.php

     Havanese colors http://havanesecolors.com/index.htmlhttp://www.felici-animali.be/PdC_en_colours.htm#kleurengalerij


    "Animal Planet" short movie about Havanese from series "101 Dog" https://youtu.be/8VyL0SAVQ7s


     Probably the most spectacular show the Havanese may arrange is Run Like Hell. This is very typical for the breed then one runs around at lightning speed in superb mood. The flying coat looks amazing then. The more Havanese, the more spectacular show is.