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     The first our dog Havanese Jaras sprung up in our family in quite unusual circumstances. A question has been repeatedly "raised" about the puppy and "moved" aside again with no consensus found. We had a cat for a few years, then tried to have some fishes but the only our pet then was a degu. The degu was not the right pet for hugs or play unfortunately.

     That is why some of our family members started to look after a dog soon in a Christmas Dog Show in Vilnius, then trampled a threshold of a kennel "Mano Gentis" where they were completely "bewitched" by Sirius with his ladies. The rest of the family were freezing for hours in a car at the same time in winter cold because opposed to the dog purchase... We do not know what kind of feeling Ramunė had then to sold a puppy to so strange family but soon the Havanese Jaras Mano Gentis was buzzing around in our house.
     It is the way of the world... Sadly but after few months the degu become our the only pet again ...
     The time was ticking but an emptiness and sadness did not disappeared from our hearts and that is why we decided to listen our hearts and advices to... buy another Havanese. No, we were not able to look at Ramunė's eyes for year or so and the only available puppy at that time in Lithuania not from her kennel was the last from a litter of 4 puppies. We wasted no time and went to Kaunas where Sindis accepted us very well in surprise to his owners. The same evening he moved to our house.
     We acquired a puppy having no illusions that he is a "super" dog. We just need a dog able to share the love mutually. Sindis grew up and become nice, well constituted dog in compare to others. The dog who did not born in a kennel and was sold the last of the litter etc ?.. No way.
     Once again we visited the Christmas Dog Show in Vilnius as spectators where it looks like the Finns had a few young Havanese with their dishevelled furs looking more likely to Brussels Griffons or Kern Terriers. Is it our dog worse than they are to stand on the other side of a rope?! And we made up our minds - just waited until an elderly judge from Russia finished judging in the ring and asked her if she will be able to tell us her opinion about our Sindis. The judge was very kind and asked to put Sindis on a table, where she examined him carefully. She let us to circle twice the ring, to walk forward, backward, then back on the table again. "Is it really the first time in the ring? Your dog feels here very well". She did examined Sindis once again and said her final decision - "You have an excelent dog, do not hide it. Just find someone to prepare his coat and go ahead to the ring!" And one month later we were participating in a dog show in Kaunas where Sindis won his first titles of N, CAC and BOB.
     For our second Havanese female Sarah we went to Hungary by car with all our family. Sarah lived right on the next bank of the river Danube almost. We picked her from a kennel Beryll Canis Minor.
    Sindis and Sarah became friends not at once, because Sindis was envious like a child for our attention, his toys, food, territory. Happily he realized soon that there is enough food, attention and playgrounds for both and now they are good friends.
     Sarah career of the show dog is not very long yet but one moment had stuck in our minds when Czech judge Ms. Jaroslava Ovesna said this compliment: "I would love to buy the such dog." (But Sarah "said" her growly opinion about the judge unfurtanetely then...).

     We established our kennel "Nuo Havanos" in order to have some puppies with "surenames" not like their sire had not. Or perhaps to make some families happier. Or maybe because there is too little smiles in grim Lithuanian faces.
     It remains to be seen.


Yours sincerely
Jurgita Kazlauskienė and Ramūnas Kazlauskas